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in to boston. in terms of the track, it's going to really start to move fast. as we get in to 8:00 tomorrow, our by midnight rather it will be just off nantucket an then 8:00 tomorrow this thing is gone. almost past maine by 8:00 on saturday and accelerate and move in to nova scotia and the northern atlantic. we are looking at a fast-moving storm and a greatly weakening storm. now, in ocean city, earl whipped up some dangerous surf. this is live in monday talk where they are about to experience tropical storm-force winds which means, winds 30 to 45 miles an hour an it will get worse in the next six hours and then they will clear out in to saturday morning. in ocean city, though, earl whipped up dangerous surf. and scott broom is joining us live from the maryland resort town. the storm could have had an impact on the holiday week but looks okay, scott.
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>> reporter: it is a dramatic difference right now. the sun is out. the boardwalk is crowded with people. it is as if earl wasn't hanging around at all today. the peak of the storm was 1:00 this afternoon. about four hours ago, exactly at this spot. look at what it looked like. where there used to be beach, hurricane tossed ocean slammed against the sea wall in ocean city. how does it look to you out there? >> rough,. >> reporter: rough. very dangerous. >> reporter: here's the same spot on the beach 24 hours ago. today it is a potentially lethal place to billion precautions including locking the city's sea wall gates paid dividends. it was a lot of curiosity for visitors who decided to stick around to see what earl would bring. >> they called everyone off the
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beach. i guess they are afraid they will be swept away or something. >> they could be knocked down, swept away. >> reporter: the good news the ocean doesn't look inviting and people will stay out. tomorrow is what we are worried about. it is a spectacular day for labor day weekend, so people want to go to the beach. so they will go to beach but the water still treacherous. >> reporter: earl was a celebrity guest with its on paparazzi. everyone wants photos of the big surf and the jet skiers brave enough to play. bird watchers showed up to watch tropical species blown in from the storm. forgive me in but that umbrella looks really flimsy. >> it is. i'm surprising it is standing up with the wind. >> there it goes again. >> oh, sorry. back live now. looking at the surf, you can see how much the water has receded.
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we now have open sand out there and big waves. that's what the captain of the beach patrol was warning about. he's expecting big waves like this throughout the weekend. coming up at 6:00, you want to see how big the waves were, we sent a camera with the coast guard. hang around to see those pictures. nice, thank you, scott. appreciate it. show you the waves just off shore from where scott was reporting. ocean city ten foot waves, ten foot 11-foot but the waves are a factor and i want to echo that concern. they will be a factor in the form of rip currents. down the coast a bit, virginia beach is less than 100 miles from earl's approach of land and it escaped the high winds and flooding that hit the outer banks. >> still a light drizzle here in virginia beach but we are expecting the sun shortly. they are taking stock of the
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damage one tree down, eight people without power, no major flooding. call it dancing with earl. even at 3:00 a.m., people were out romancing the storm. in the dark, winds gusted to a high of maybe 20 miles an hour. the rain just sprinkled down. at daybreak, the adventurers took to the beach, even waltzing in the water. awed by the waves and imagine imagine industry that skirted the ocean front to offer a cares reinstead of a punch. >> it is something magic about being out there. >> very fresh. don't get it all the time. the wind feels great. >> reporter: by 7:30, the wind had shifted. earl was sucking it back out that way, and if you look at the swells, you can see how the wind was blowing the foam out to sea. the wind blew northeast in gusts as high as 40 miles an
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hour. the biggest threat now the waves an the tide which may eat up parts of the multimillion- dollar beach here. they are now pulling away the sand berm they set up around the stage for the american music festival. they are expecting tens of thousands of people starting tonight, chicago, reo speed wagon and pat benatar. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> along the north carolina coast, utility crews are busy trying to restore power to thousands. it got knocked out from yesterday's storm. even though hurricane earl spared the outer banks a direct hit tex storm's driving rain and high winds managed to rattle residents who rode out the storm. grant is live in kill devil hills where some ocean front homes were left surrounded with water. >> we had minor flooding here in kill devil hills and that was the most damage that we really saw. there was some minor sort of
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facade damage, which is siding an the lake that had been sort of stripped off the side of homes and businesses. aside from that, though, it was the flooding and ocean overwash that carried sand in to highway 12 along the outer banks of north carolina, but in terms of serious damage, no, there wasn't much. a lot of the people we talked to today said for as serious as it could have been the outer banks really fared very well. and that seems to be the going theme as we go in to a much different night tonight compared to what we were facing last night. back to you. >> all in all i think we got off easy. >> a lot of people may say that hurricane earl's effects weren't that bad but the storm didn't move by without leaving marks it. >> was coming up -- coming in where the gas station's canopy had fallen in to the station and one sign down but that's it. >> only thing significant is the flooding. >> before earl sped out of
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town, flooded roadways caused a few minor slow downs on streets closest to the ocean. >> i thought it would have been worse. >> reporter: but homeowners are glad it wasn't. >> looks minor. considering the strength of the storm it could have been worse. i think they made a gad call having people evacuate. >> locals would say this is a bad hair day for us. >> reporter: there is a little humor that goes with this. of course there are going to be some people that have to make some minor repairs but aside from that tourists are returning to the beaches and people are going about their vacations, and the residents, well, it's just another day at the beach. >> have a good weekend an earl in terms of timing and its track waves are not as big as in ocean city. still eight, nine, ten foot
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waves off the carolina coast. they that will have rip currents all weekend. earl is on his way back. we will go and toss it over to derek. the threat of hurricane earl apparently no influence on this guy. he decided to take a dip in elizabeth day suit in ocean -- in his birthday suit in ocean city. the cops are not amused an handcuffed him but not before they put a towel around him. he is expected to face indesensecy charges. we will have a report from cape cod coming your way at 5:30. early voting is underway in the state of maryland. for the first time ever, voters in maryland are able to cast their ballots before the september primary which takes place september 18th. there are five early voting centers in prince georges county. that's where democrats will select a front runner to
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replace jack johnson. there are five places people can vote early in m.j. county and one is the silver spring civic center. lindsey mastis was there. >> this is the first day of the first time there's been early voting in montgomery county. >> for volunteers getting the booths ready to go it is exciting. >> we are rolling up the zero count. >> reporter: and will do the same thing every night and every morning to make sure no one stuffs the ballot box. people i talk to say they support early voting. >> i happen to be off with the kids this week and since i'm here i will take advantage of early voting. >> reporter: the line isn't long and no telling how many will show up to vote. because anyone registered to vote in montgomery county can vote at the civic center. the voting machines had to be programmed with multiple ballots. >> there are over 60 ballot versions. >> reporter: this card was programmed with a special code.
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>> voting machine knows which ballots style to put up for that voter. >> got my sticker. >> reporter: not everyone is a fan, like republican gubernatorial candidate bob ehrlich. >> i would be critical of early voting. it is a law in the state of maryland, though. >> reporter: he says early voting may help his campaign. >> if you have a grassroots operation and know who your supporters are you can turn them out early. >> by 1:00, 128 people cast their votes here. in silver spring, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. the director of the center for the study of democracy at st. mary's st. mary's college in maryland says more people the end to turn out when earlly voting is introduced but it doesn't make a long-term difference. we have a list of early voting location unless maryland an the district. go to and click on the 9 news 9 news extras. turning to the dc mayor's race. with less than two weeks before
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the primary, mayor fenty and council chair gray are exchanging charges once again. during a debate on fox 5, wttg, fenty and gray were asked about michelle rhee. >> i will sit down after the election and talk to chancellor rhee about whether she would be interested in continuing to work with us in the city. >> i believe this is one of the big differences in my opponent and myself. not so much the difference 0 of whether or not we would keep michelle rhee. i said absolutely we will. >> reporter: the dc mayoral primary is tuesday, september 14th. we have a commuter alert for riders on metro's red line. starting tonight at 10:00, all red line stations from glenmont to fort totten will be shut down and stay that way all weekend including labor day on monday. the closures are necessary for track work. metro has set up shuttle bus service between the stations and they will reopen on tuesday
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morning. time to get a check on the evening rush. kenny burns in the 9 news now traffic center. it's holiday time. >> yes, it is. good evening. want to start with the beltway north of town. virginia slow around the george washington parkway, continuing through bethesda, new hampshire is the breakaway point for right now. montgomery county slow track on 270 approaching montgomery village. it will continue germantown to the truck scales. in virginia 86 westbound, slow from the beltway to around the fairfax county parkway. everything is moving. and as you can see here on the live shot, sandy point camera on route 50. no delays at the toll plaza. you are clear to go through the beach. it is nice and sunny. back to you. still ahead, on 9 news now, police release recordings of 911 calls coming from inside the discovery channel building shortly after the gunman stormed the lobby. and why you want to think
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twice before you apply for that store credit card. unemployment is up, but washington is split over blah to do about it. i will have the story coming up.
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gas prices are down as travelers list the road for the weekend. according to aaa, this average price is $2.68 a gallon an that's the lowest all summer long. 34million americans are expected to head out 50-miles from home this holiday week and that's a 10% jump from last year. new numbers show the number of unemployed people from the country is up last month. the white house says there is reason to be opt mustic. -- optimistic. president obama believes the government can help and he is calling on congress to step it up. >> reporter: president obama says the news isn't all bad,
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even though the number of unemployed people them u.s. inched up to 9 phone 8%. >> the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created. >> reporter: companies added 67,000 workers last month, but that's nearly enough to cover the half million americans now looking for jobs. one of the president's proposals to get americans back to work is a bill designed to help small business by cutting taxes an offering bigger loans. he called on congress to approve it after they return from summer break. >> certain measures we know will advance our recovery. this small business jobs bill is one of them. >> reporter: there is no guarantee that congress will give the white house what it wants. many lawmakers are running for re-election an they know many voters are concerned about the growing deficit. john boehner says it is time for the president to change course. he, and other republicans, say they will lay out their own economic agenda later this
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month. despite the rise in unemployment, the new numbers include some good news. retail stores reported strong sales last month an realtors say the number of people who signed contracts to buy homes is up but economists warn home sales could fall later this year, now that the first-time home buyer tax contract is no longer available. cbs news, the white house. >> reporter: and the president is expected to detail his new set of ideas for the economy during a speech next wednesday in cleveland. while millions of americans are struggling to find a job, one energy sector is having a hard time holding on to its staff. 40% of electrical linemen will be eligible to retire. critics say that -- critics say that energy companies like pepco are already short staffed as it is. >> i think the public service commission has a lot of blame here. pepco went in an asked for $4 million to do tree trimming.
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they were granted 1 million. now we are seeing the affects of that decision by the public service commission. >> reporter: watch a special labor day edition this sunday morning at 8:00 here on wusa 9. federal officials are launching an investigation in to the latest oil rig blast in the gulf of mexico. the platform burst in to flames yesterday off the coast of louisiana. wearing survivor suits, all 13 workers jumped in the water and stayed together by locking their arms for safety. the fire came less than five months after the explosion on the deep water horizon brig rig which led to the worst spill in the country's history. b.p. is hoping to get answers following the removal of the blowout preventer that couldn't stop the disaster from happening. the 35 -- the device was detached from the head this afternoon. the april 20th explosion on that rig killed 11 workers and dump allowed 200 million-
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gallons of oil to spew in the gulf. operations are back to normal in the miami airport where a bomb scare forced the evacuation. roads leading to the apt were also closed down for hours. >> looks like we will be here a couple of hours. >> we didn't know what we were evacuating from. whether it was a package or gunman or what was happening. >> reporter: as it turns out the man with the suspicious device in his luggage was a scientist and they figured out the metal canister was part of a legitimate experiment and he was allowed to go on his way. the pile of a helicopter that landed on a freeway managed to survive. it snarled the morning rush hour. the 62-year-old pilot will be okay. he was take on the the hospital
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to be evaluated. it is not clear why the chopper crashed. two people are if dead dead following the crash of autopsy plane. the plane went down southeast of dubai's international airport an went down earlier today. the two crew members are believed to be the only ones on the flight. a major earthquake rocked new zealand today. it struck 20 miles west of christ's church. as you can see widespread damage. the damage not so widespread with the hurricane. some things went wrong, some power went out but we got off ease you. >> this weekend, a good point, what scott echoed the point in ocean city if you are going to the beaches it will be a great week but the current will be dangerous. swim in life guarded beaches if you can. really quite nice.
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a touch of fall. 80 tomorrow. 79 on sunday. but sunshine is spectacular. you will need sweaters and labor day is nice and warmer. mid-80s. it will work out nicely because a lot of pools close. we will breakdown tomorrow. cool to start. upper 60s, sunshine. -- mid-70s lunchtime and temperatures an 80. it will be breezy to almost windy tomorrow. 88 downtown. 86 in manassas. some 90s up to frederick and hagerstown. the reason being they have had more sun today. for tonight, skies will be partly cloudy, breezy an cooler keep a chance of a shower in. this has nothing to do with earl. this is the cold front moving through. lows in the 60s. winds west northwest at 10 to 10 to 15. slows in the -- lows in the
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80s. -- 60s. probably turn off the ac on the, you can really turn it off tomorrow and sunday night. 67 college park, 66 bowie. to the west, low 80s in sterling an leesburg and 62 in manassas. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds 10 to 15. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and spectacular. we're on the verge of being windy. high temperatures 890 an winds at 10 to 20 with occasional higher gusts but a really crisp day tomorrow. next seven days, 80 tomorrow. 79 on sunday. back in the mid-80s for labor day. sunshine acriminals the board. briefly hot on tuesday and wednesday of next week. a pair of 90s. maybe a shower on wednesday and weak cold front goes through on wednesday dropping temperatures in the low 80s on thursday an friday. so we have lows tomorrow in the 50s downtown. so sweaters at night saturday and send night.
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>> big change. credit card offers from your favorite store. it can be tough to resist. coming up next why they may not be the right thing for you.
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there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
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the weekend is here and so are the sales and if you are heading to the mall you maybe approached about opening a store credit card. >> reporter: the incentives can be hard to resist. instant discount, reward points, no interest for 18 months. natalie's costco card gives her 2% cash back at the end of the year. >> i probably get $100, $150 an it's a lot of money. >> reporter: store-issued credit cards are a $132 billion business. there are 470 million cards in use today. while the perks can be enticing there are plenty of down sides to consider before applying for a store credit card. first, store cards generally charge high breast rates, 20% or more and the higher fees
5:26 pm
could wipe out any money saved from a discount intoned have low credit limits ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. >> at the end of the day you may find yourself having to use the store credit card an the general purpose credit card any way. >> it trigger apps inquiry on your credit report. but if used wisely it can be a good deal. >> the best way to use the store credit card is take the benefit of the discount, buy whatever you want and pay it off. >> reporter: bottom line, take advantage of store credit cards, but don't let them take advantage of you. new rules for all credit credit cards just went in to affect. tourette read more about them, go to our website at and click on "living $mart." lesli foster, 9 news now. coming up next, a weakened earl turns toward massachusetts as the governor warns everyone to be ready but don't panic.
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i will have thea that story.
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cape cod an its nearby islands urn hurricane warning
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as earl fast approaches. police release recordings of 911 calls from inside the discovery building shortly after a gunman stormed the lobby. more and more kids are hitting the gym trying to look and feel better with the help of personal trainers. hurricane earl has eastern massachusetts from in its cross hairs. the governor has declared a state of emergency. residents have been asked to leave low-lying areas. randall pinkston is in chatham, where people who live on cape cod are getting ready. cape cod residents are making final preparations to ride out the storm as a weakened earl turns toward massachusetts. corey and his father spent the day boarding up his shop in chatham. >> living in new england the weather is unpredictable but i'm hoping it will pass with not much damage. >> they want residents on nantucket, martha's vineyard an
5:31 pm
the cape to take precautions. >> we encourage folks to hanker down an stay safe in your home, your hotel wherever you are staying. >> chris has no 0 a -- no qualms facing earl the brunt of earl is t expected to arrive after dark. they expect wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. earl stayed 85 miles east of north carolina as it spun up the coast. and thousands lost electricity, but no injuries are reported. forecasters dropped some warnings an watches for new jersey and new york's long island, but they will still feel tropical weather. this storm chaser traveled to cape cod to see earl up close. >> i was going to north carolina and i thought how often do you get a chance to come up north to chase a hurricane.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: new england hasn't seen a major hurricane in two decades. this evening fema authorities are telling residents of new england an the east coast to stay informed about the storm an follow instructions from officials, especially if there are orders toe vac wait. back to you in the studio. >> it can be deceiving. looks lovely behind you right now. >> yes, it does. an everyone is hoping that earl will only be a brushing storm. that is to stay give the area a brushing glance and the tracking is "marketwatch" further east than anticipated an of course that's a good thing. >> thank you for the live report. for the latest on where hurricane earl is now an how it could affect our labor day weekend. let's go to topper shutt. he's tracking earl out on the weather terrace.
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>> why not? >> the warnings have have been dropped now. if you are heading out the next couple of hours. by 10:00, we will be falling to the upper 70s an temperatures fall quickly after the midnight hour as cooler, drier air moves in. let's talk about the holiday weekend forecast. there's clark griswold car there, vacation. we will go to the north carolina coast. very nice. mid-80s across the board on saturday, sunday, monday an tuesday. a little breezy as we got in to saturday and perhaps morning sprinkle with the cold front there, too. that's about it. for us, breezy saturday an sunday. up virginia beach, mid-80s. 84 on saturday. hovering in the low to mid-80s. up to wildwood, new jersey 80. probably hold in the 70s on send and labor day but still
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nice. looking at temperatures a little below average but a bright weekend. if you are going to the mountains, west of the divide, showers storm, 64. dry on sunday. we are back in the 70s on monday an tuesday. we will come back with a full seven-day forecast in a bit. derek and anita? discovery channel headquarters in downtown silver spring is still closed down today. it's been a couple of days since the gunman armed with bombs sparked a standoff there and police released the 911 calls from shortly after that man, james lee, stormed the building lobby and held three nokes hostage. >> where are you located. >> there is a hostage at the discovery building. there is someone in the building with guns. i can see people on the floor in the building. >> there's people on the floor in the building? >> yes, i can see it. >> 911, what is your emergency. >> five gunshots in the main lobby at 1 discovery place. silver spring, maryland, five gunshots. >> okay, i'm here an i will
5:35 pm
help you. where are you located in the building? >> i'm behind the main lobby in a secure space. >> he may have a bomb strapped to his body so we don't want anyone near his body. >> what does it look like? >> looks like he is an exterminator kind of guy. he has pipes locked to him and he has a hat on. >> okay. he's got pipes and what else do you see? is it like a backpack kind of thing? >> yes. i need to lock off elevators so he can't gain access to the garage. >> can you do that safely. >> i can, yes. >> so he has hostages, this gentleman has hostages. >> how many? >> we think three people. we might have three hostages in this situation. >> some smart and calm callers there in discovery. james lee, we know now, was shot dead when police stormed the building. the hostages were rescued an
5:36 pm
not shirt hurt -- not hurt. police released that two people apparently drove from texas to maryland to sell drugs. police say he shot an killed dawn brooks her youngstown and daughter and her aunt. police say they were angry when they heard someone had stolen the drugs they had hidden in the garage where the bodies were found. a postmaster in charles county maryland pleaded guilty to stealing $60,000 worth of postage stamps. last year gilbert ennis of lanham said that an armed man forced him to open the safe and that the man took the stamps. now investigators figured out that was all made up. ennis now faces ten years in prison and quarter million dollar fine. for more, log on to and look for the blue box in the middle of the home page and
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click the change button. that let you find news in charles county and news in 52 orareas. two goats are rescued after spending two days stranded on a bridge. how did they get there? >> that's the question. don't forget, we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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officials say these goats may have wandered on the ledge overnight and when they saw where they were they got scared an didn't know what to do, they
5:40 pm
were dehydrated, hungry but orwise okay. i think somebody stuck those goats there an it was a prank. >> it is hard to believe they ended up exactly there. 30-year-old man is facing charges in the district for allegedly killing a kitten. the washington humane society says it happened last month in the 1200 block of howardson place west. there is excuse for the violent behavior they say and it will not go unpunished. >> this is shark week on this potomac river. dune caught a deadly bull shark on tuesday where the potomac empties in to this chesapeake bay in maryland. he says the line from jaws came to mind immediately. we are going to need a bigger boat. a commercial fisherman says he caught an even larger bull shark the next day. we want to remind you about a very important campaign right here at wusa 9. you see the
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sign. it she great hang up and it is an effort to get everybody to stop using cell phones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on a phone or texting behind the wheel, we'd love to tell your story on the air. go to the great hangup page at or go old school and use the telephone. a homeless man in a bit of trouble with the law. coming up hear the 911 call police say he made after getting stuck in someone's hot tub. we have some showers east of town over to annapolis and of course over to the delmarva but none in town. we have a pollen reading today an you can access this on our website at click on the weather tab. follow the dropdown menu. and you will get the break down. grasses and weeds this the medium range. but first a fitness trend for children. why more kids are hitting the
5:42 pm
gym an taking personal trainers with them we'll be right
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tonight's health alert starts with conflicting reports whether popular bone building drugs if osteoporosis may raise the risk of throat cancer. they looked at whether people took different brands of medication and cancer in the esophagus. they found any increased danger is small and isn't seen until after five or more years of use of the drugs. parents are always looking for ways to keep kids active and away from the tv, especially with the growing rates of obesity but how far will parents go to keep their
5:46 pm
children's weight urn control. >> he is only 10 but already working with a opinional trainer. >> i'm completely overweight and i want to get it done and get more active. >> reporter: with childhood obesity skyrocketing, die son is part of a growing trend. parents are paying as much as $75 an hour for personal training sessions with some children as young as three. dyson is 5'3", 180-pounds. that prompted his father to get help. >> it is not healthy for a kid to have that kind of weight at his age, even though he is tall. >> reporter: the doctors stress that children need to be careful about their exercise routines. it is not all about lifting heavy weights. >> their bones an tendons and muscles aren't fully develop ready they can handle that. >> jumping jacks, situps and pushups are part of his workout. >> it makes me feel better because i'm active an it suits me perfectly. >> his dad hopes it will help him to lose weigh and gain self
5:47 pm
esteem. >> i want him to be strong and happy with his body an weight. >> that's what all parents want. preventing weight gain helps to avoid diabetes and heart disease. two beaverton, oregon where police released the audio from a very unusual 911 call that came in over the week. emergency dispatchers say it was a homeless man who had gotten stuck in a hot tub. >> this isn't jock. it's a medical -- i'm in the four seasons pool over here off of murray and allen, a housing development an believe it or not, i'm the sheriff of washington county and i have been in the hot tub here for, i don't know, at least ten hours and i cannot get anyone to stop and get me out. i have no towels or nothing.
5:48 pm
i need people to get me out of here. >> how did you get in there. >> i got out of here because the beaverton police i'm not really the sheriff of washington county. what i really am is a resident, a former resident of four seasons, not a resident anymore. just send someone. i need help. >> are you sure you don't need medical help at this point. >> i just need a hug and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. besides that i don't think i need medical help, no. >> his fingers were really wrinkley. the caller identified himself as mark eckleson or they identified him that way. not being the sheriff he was arrested on trespassing charges and the improper use of 911 since he really needed help. >> he needed a hug.
5:49 pm
>> like a hug to pull him out of a hot tub. >> in the four seasons. >> in the four seasons. >> they had to throw the hot tub out after that. >> ten hours in the hot tub is not healthy. >> no. no. >> raises your temperature. >> yeah. >> take you to new york where the storm is beginning to brush them, as well. avenues up there -- waves are seven to eight feet off shore. getting rough up there. let's talk about our weather. the next three days, very nice. we are looking at cooler weather, saturday temperatures 80. 88 for labor day. it will warm up the last day of the holiday week. just in time for the pools, just before the pools close. we will break down tomorrow. upper 60s to start. this is not the cool morning.
5:50 pm
mid-70s with lunchtime and nice please tomorrow. you can do just about anything you want an not have any -- won't sweat that much. 88 downtown. 91 leesburg and 94 martinsburg. for tonight, we will keep the chance of a shower in. a cold front from the west. lows in the 80s. lows tonight even down downtown in the upper 60s. this is not the cool night. you can lop off didn't degrees from these numbers for tomorrow night an sunday night. 83 rockville 66 bowie and 64 reston. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant. winds west northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy speck tack lohr on the verge of being windy. next seven days, 80 tomorrow. 79 on sunday. 86 for labor day. a great holiday weekend. cooler again low 80s on thursday an back in to the
5:51 pm
upper 80s with sunshine next friday. we are happy with the evening weather because after weeks of talking about it, high school football. >> i'm more excited about the high school football games than the redskins game because nobody played in the redskins game and some talented kids will be playing only the. one of the luxuries of being a pro athlete is they feed you like a king. the buffet rivals those on a cruiseship. but drop down a couple of levels and nourishing the athletes isn't part of the program at all. but one man is out to change that. >> before they attempt to break other or's spirit on the field, freedom and mount vernon high break bread, together. >> i they love it. when i first told these kids at freedom their pregame meals would be at outback they were excited. you mean we're going to outback
5:52 pm
to eat, absolutely. all made possible by one man. >> three, one, two, three. >> reporter: reggie mcgee manages the outback restaurant in woodbridge. he an his staff provide every game for freedom and other schools in northern virginia. what's the big deal you ask? simple, lack of funding prevents some schools from having organized meals before games. >> what worries me is some kids may go home and not eat eat. without fuel there is no way to operate at peak level. kids aren't going to come up and say, i don't have anything to eat. that doesn't happen here. thanks to mcgee who serves up meals free of charge. >> the coach talked about a lot of things that i really embraced, taking care of the community. >> reporter: it has been a while since i played in a high school football game, but check out the menu. we never ate like this, chicken, pasta here. looks good, huh? and just to clarify, no bloomin' onions.
5:53 pm
>> no. >> how's everybody doing. >> and best friends taking it a step further. their squads congregate together before facing off. >> we want kids to snow true sportsmanship. >> but do the kids get it. >> we treat each orlike we want to be treated. >> yep. >> in bad bridge, dave owens, 9 news now. >> no way you could play a football game with a bloomin' onion bouncing an in your stomach. that's an excellent call. tonight is the first edition of high school full slate of games from cameras around the region including game two at coolidge for ground-breaking female coach natalie randolph. we will go over the full slate of games at 6:00 and have a preview of the region toes games that are available right now on high school >> i'm hungry now. >> let's go get a bloomin' onion. up next, a program giving people who lost their homes a new shot at a place to live.
5:54 pm
coming up new at 6:00, how employees react with the crisis going on behind those closed doors as been called exemplary by experts. do you know your office game plan? @owúúttxññ
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5:57 pm
a triple-digit gain on wall street to end the week. in parts of northern virginia, even a decent salary is no guarantee and that you won't end up homeless. in friday's heros a program in prince william county, where for a lucky few it provides shelter from the storm. >> everyone deserves a home. >> reporter: if brethren housing corporation had a slogan that would be it. >> a home is a place to bring your family, to share memories, to build a life on, and that's what our folks do here. >> reporter: here is in prince william county, virginia, where brethren housing owns seven properties and 13 rental units. the executive director moon says her clients are regular folks who need a second chance. >> people who have been exited
5:58 pm
from their housing. people who are being evicted. people who are losing their homes. >> reporter: people like 49- year-old damita fry. >> we made a couple of bad financial decisions an we lost our home. >> reporter: her husband an grand daughter along with her moved in here four months ago. >> how much does it mean to be here. >> everything. >> because my family was separated for a while and it was an opportunity for me to put my family back together. >> reporter: you are looking at five of the 13 units owned. they rent between 500 and $1,000 a month. the only qualifications to live here, you have to maintain yourself, be working an can't make more than $50,000 a year. >> i think people will be surprised by that. thinking $50,000 sounds like good money. >> it could be in you lived in indiana. >> but it doesn't go so well in wealthy prince william county. >> reporter: and in these times. >> i always have a waiting list. sometimes on my phone on monday
5:59 pm
morning i may have ten, 14, 15, 20 messages from people in need. >> the people are struggling these days. for more information on the organization or orchair 'tis we profiled during friday's heros go to our website at and click on the hero central link. thanks for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hurricane earl has lost most of its steam as it makes its way from north carolina. residents and tourists throughout new england are getting set for what could be a windy and rainy start to their labor day weekend. our chief meteorologist topper shutt has been tracking earl for days and he has details from the weather center about what is happening now. >> we hurricane warnings in affect around the cape cod area, but no warnings for our beaches. in fact no warnings south of new jersey. show you the

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